• Come have a beer at the Tap Room! 21 and Over Only

    Come down and try the twenty beers on tap!. Get directions and hours

  • 2016 GABF Bronze Medal!

    Our On-Sight Alt won Bronze medal in the 2016 Great American Beer Fest for German-Style Altbier.

  • Taproom is open to all 21 and over

    Taproom is open to all 21 and over

  • 20 beers on tap! 21 and over are welcome

    20 beers on tap! 21 and over are welcome


We have an unbridled passion for the best drink in the world and are inspired by the desire to share the fruits of our labors with other thirsty souls. There's nothing quite like a great craft brew, and we at Hutton & Smith are fanatically dedicated to the process so we can provide beer drinkers with a memorable tasting experience.


We take pride in attention to detail and let our love for beer be our guide. Born from simple quality ingredients, our beers reflect who we are, what we like, and why we do what we do. Please join us in the tap house for a pint, flight, or a take home growler. We're excited to meet you and quaff a cold one!



James Hutton and William "Strata" Smith are considered the fathers of modern geology, and rightly so. In "The Theory of the Earth", Hutton, a Scot from Edinburgh, illustrates the concept of deep time - the immense expanses of time over which geological changes occur. The Englishman Smith produced the first geological map of the earth, a revolutionary feat, detailing regional geology. Scots and Brits had been drinking beer for ages before any of these revelations came to mind, and it is rumored that our two friends sometimes strayed to focus on their love for tasty brews. Though we can only speculate, it is almost certain that at some point they imagined what it might be like to brew their own beer. We pay meager homage to these two beer drinking pioneers of their field by opening Hutton & Smith Brewing Co. in their names.


Coming Soon; Benchmark Belgian

White wine barrel aged Belgian Trippel, a pink boots collaboration beer with Big River Brewing.

Heterogeneous Hybrid Ale

The Heterogeneous is a straw colored, dry, easy drinking beer with a noble hop character. Brewed with the same yeast as our Altbier – not a Pale, not a Pilsner. The Heterogeneous tickles the toes of both.

Moh’s Mandarina

A delicious and juicy New England style pale ale brewed exclusively with Mandarina Bavaria hops. It has an intense aroma of oranges that translates to the palate and is as easy as a full glass of OJ with your morning muffin, but better because it’s beer! Friedrich Mohs would be proud to call this his, but it’s not hard to drink!

The Promenade IPA

The Promenade is juicy, tropical, and has a full mouthfeel with medium bitterness – a hazy treat wrapped up by a smooth finish that will keep your mouth watering for more.

Igneous IPA

Our dry-hopped India Pale Ale offers a blast of citrus and pine aromas. This brew’s bitterness is well balanced by a  slightly malty body with biscuit notes and a clean finish.

Rope Gun Rye

A drinkable pale ale brewed with enough rye for subtle spiciness, a hint of wheat for crispness and a citrus/grapefruit nose.


A dark and luscious porter with a nicely rounded coffee profile accompanied by roasty overtones.  With a medium-body and light hop addition for balance, we use expertly roasted beans from Mayfly Coffee (Signal Mtn., TN) to infuse the Porterledge.

Vanilla Porterledge

This is our Porterledge infused with vanilla to give it just a touch of sweetness.

Vadose Zone Vanilla Stout

This is a mildly bitter stout balanced by the creamy sweet mouthfeel of vanilla.  We serve this in both nitro and beer gas versions.

Smith’s ESB

A traditional extra special bitter whose namesake, William Smith, would have pinned for in debtor’s prison.  Ester and malt-forward, balanced by a bitter finish.  Noble hops make this bitter experience a little different than American-style bitters.

Hutton’s Scotch Ale

This is our 70 Schilling offering, which is on the lighter side of the style.  It is highlighted by malt character and a subtle smokiness.  It’s an easy-drinking beer with a nice clean finish and very little bitterness.

On-Sight Alt

2016 GABF Bronze medal in German-Style Altbier

This Northern German Altbier is a light, crisp, drinker with a malt forward nose and flavor. It’s copper color, moderate bitterness, and super dry finish make this beer a great alternative to Pilsner’s and Session IPA’s.

Paleo Pils

Our Czech-style pilsner, crisp and drinkable with a tempered herbal bitterness and clean malt flavors.  This straw-colored beauty is approachable and thirst-quenching.

Belayer’s Blonde

This ale is light and drinkable with a nicely malted backbone and a touch of bitterness.

The Good Schist

This American Pale Ale has a tropical and citrus hop profile, while balanced by a healthy dose of caramel malt.  It has a medium-body with a slight bitterness.

Whipper Wheat

Whipper is an American-style wheat beer that is crisp and drinkable, has a subtle tropical, citrus and earthy aromas, and a light wheat grain body.

Munter Hitch Milk Stout

The Munter is a medium to full bodied milk stout with coffee and chocolate notes, complimented by a touch of silky sweetness.  This easy-drinking stout is served both on nitrogen and beer gas.

Coffee IPA

Our IPA infused with cold-press coffee from Mayfly Coffee (Signal Mtn., TN).

Diatomaceous Dry Stout

This is our traditional dry stout offering.  It’s dark and roasty, with hints of coffee and chocolate.  It has a medium body and clean finish.  We serve this both in nitro and beer gas versions.

Slick Rock

This pale ale has a soft and bready base for supreme drinkability, accented by a light aroma of tropical fruit, melon and stone fruit.  The perfect session beer!

Plutonic Pale Ale

Our Pro-Am winner has a clean malt backbone that highlights a big citrus nose. A very American pale ale that finishes with medium plus bitterness.

Belay On

Our delicious blonde malt bill, hopped-up for additional bitterness and aroma.  This danky session ale is perfect for beating the Summer heat!


Our traditional Oktoberfest!

Bivouac Black IPA

This BIPA has a bold, resinous hop with pine needles, grapefruit, and a touch of orange, matched with roasty malt and full body.

Inhibitor Imperial Stout

Darker than a black steer’s tookus on a moonless prairie night, the Inhibitor has a full body, bold roast and coffee notes and finishes smooth.  Enjoy….dude.



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